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Say hello to safe, supportive, LGBTQ+ friendly care. Always on your side, 365.

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Ways we can help

Physical Health
How do I get PrEP or find a provider who knows about PrEP?

Can you find me an OB/GYN who will use my correct pronouns?

Community Support
My daughter told me she’s gay. Can you connect me with parents with similar experiences?

Gender Affirming Care
I need gender affirming surgery. Can you help me with my insurance and finding surgeons?

Mental Health
Can you find me an LGBTQ+ knowledgeable therapist?

Health Benefit Answers
I’m planning for upcoming care. Can you tell me if it's covered by insurance? My doctor is the only one in my area who meets my needs. Can you help get my care covered by insurance?


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Get your own personal queer and trans-led care team on call at no cost to you. This benefit is paid by your employer and is 100% confidential. We’ll never share information about your sexuality or gender without your consent.


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Put your dedicated care coordinator to work for you. It takes less than 3 minutes.


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Get matched to the right care for you. We’ll even book your appointments.

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Pride 365 resources

We're proud beyond Pride. We make it easy to access the latest LGBTQ+ health resources all year long. 

Taking Action: Purposeful Steps in Building an Inclusive Workplace

A core ideal of company culture is inclusivity. To be included as an individual by a company is more than just being offered the same cookie-cutter benefit package.

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The Future of Healthcare is Inclusive

The difference is a whole decade. A child born today in many parts of the San Joaquin Valley of California can expect to live ten years less than one born just hours away, in San Francisco. 

Review a provider

We want to hear from you! Tell us about a good or bad provider experience so we can continue to send our community to only the best of the best.

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Become an Included Health provider partner

Work with us to build a world that celebrates and treats the LGBTQ+ community the way we deserve to be treated.

You don’t have to manage your healthcare alone.
You’ve got us.

We get it.

Our queer and trans-led team knows first-hand the challenges and barriers the LGBTQ+ community faces. That's why we help you, your loved ones and other members of the LGBTQ+ community access affirming, high-quality care.

We are real people.

And we’re ready to help you in real time. You get a dedicated care coordinator who gets to know you, understands your needs, and serves as your guide to get you the care you need.

We handle the hassle.

We explain your insurance and benefits, find affirming care, and book appointments for you. So you won’t face healthcare challenges alone, whether it’s finding a primary care physician who won’t misgender you or a mental health specialist who understands your cultural background and sexuality.

What our LGBTQ+ members say

“This is the referral service I've always wanted."

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